Scalp Itches and I just got my hair done -Grapseed oil

You just got your hair flat ironed, relaxed, silkened, Dominican blow out, round brushed, whatever! Basically your hair is out, straight or curly, bouncy full of volume, fluffy, and your looking like the next Vidal Sassoon/Clairol commercials. Your scalp is starting to itch, you don’t feel like, or want to waste the money spent re-shampooing your hair….

Follow simple solution below


Quick Hair Tip:

  1. Add grapeseed oil Β to applicator bottle (skinny nozzle)
  2. Section hair in big 3-5 sections going back (see pic below)
  3. Apply LIGHTLY to scalp
  4. Once on the scalp take your finger to lightly tap the oil in and wipe finger off.

Repeat until entire head is done. 2x’s a week will suffice to aid in scalp itch




When I part my hair going back it helps me cover more of my itchy/dry spots. I do 3-5 big parts going back so I won’t have so much oil on my hair strands over time which will end up making your hair look dirty. By tapping the oil in the scalp it won’t bleed onto my hair strands.


You can add a little bit of grapeseed oil to your hair ends if you like, it’ll absorb quickly, but don’t over do anything πŸ™‚


Grapeseed oil: is the lightest of oils I’ve found that’s not expensive and you can buy a big bottle of it. Alternative to Jojoba oil if you don’t like, can’t find, or don’t want to try Jojoba. Plus you can cook w/grapeseed oil so you won’t waste your money at all. I shop at wegmans but you can find it in any grocery stores cooking oil section.

Grapeseed oil benifits:

  • Hair growth
  • Scalp stimulation
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Protects against moisture loss – Split Ends. Contains a high amount of linoleic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acid

By doing this you won’t mess up your new hair style or your daily haircare regimen.

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