Ranazul – Tapas, Wine, Bistro- Fulton, MD

FYI- when I go into a restaurant I don’t like to read their “about page”. I like to go in knowing: what they serve, prices, location/hours, and parking situation. I like to go in “raw” because it gives me a better experience.


Ranazul restaurant is a bistro that serves tapas, wine, and has a menu catered to different tastes.

Dinning area inside, Table set up, and menu

Dinning area inside, Table set up, and menu

Sean & I went due to me finding a groupon: $30 for $50 worth of tapas for two or more towards the bill. This was our very first time coming here.

Groupon Deal for Ranazul – Tapas

They have cocktails, happy hour, soup/salad, cold tapas, vegetarian tapas, hot tapas, entrees and dessert. I asked our waiter about my groupon and he assured us we could use this for the entire menu; even on specials.


Cheese plate of 4 assorted cheeses for $12. An order of edamame. I love cheese so I chose Red Dragon-England semi firm cheddar (I like), Havarti-Denmark semi soft cow (I like), Cabra-Maryland semi firm goat (I like), and Smoked Gouda-Italy semi-firm cow (smokey flavor not for me but the boyfriend loved it). This is something I’ll definitely come to rebuy even w/o a groupon.

Cocktails: Red sangria &  Pomegranate – mint margarita for me  

Entrees: which I must add that the food turn around is great – Remember these are “small Plates” Tapas

  • Lamb chops – w/grilled purple potatoes, aioli, and mushroom sauce. AMAZING lovely charred medium- well chops and herb seasoning. Writing this review is making my mouth water!!
  • Tender short rib confit – w/celery spinach, potatoes, and red wine reduction. Wow it is very tender, seasoned once again w/assorted herbs & spices, and you just wanted more of it.
  • 6oz ribeye – With wilted spinach, potatoes, red wine reduction, and onions.
Top left: Drinks, Cheese plate, Lamb chop, and Short rib

Top left: Drinks, Cheese plate, Lamb chop, and Short rib

6oz. Steak and Edamame

6oz. Steak and Edamame

Last order I wanted to try:

  • Bruschetta rojo with tomatoes, basil, and toasted w/gargonzola cheese. I didn’t like this much only because my taste buds don’t seem to like the gorgonzola cheese. When I make my bruschetta I do the same toppings except w/mozzarella. If the cheese was different then I know I would of liked it but it was too much trouble to scrap all of the cheese off.

We didn’t have room for dessert but next time I will get the chocolate lava cake or creme brûlée. 

Bruschetta Rojo & Outside of the buidling

Our waiter wrote down the groupon voucher number, on the bill it subtracted $50, and we just paid for the difference.

Overall Ranazul’s is a place we will come back to visit, the servers are friendly, they keep the table cleared for all of your plates, and food is great. The staff makes sure your waters are topped off and accommodate any extra needs you may have. Thanks for enjoying my review CHOW!

Visit Ranazul’s website: www.ranazul.us

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