Cornrowed Mohawk w/a Twist

Today my client wanted something for back to school so I gave her some simple options since she’s a teenager who wants minimal care. Options are in the braids or twists areas. Cornrows, braided mohawks, twisted or braided updo’s, and single braids or double strand twists.

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Random google pictures of cornrow updo’s

My client opted for a Cornrowed Mohawk w/knotted twists down the middle. A little about her hair she has very tightly coiled hair, thick, sensitive scalp, and her stands has some heat damage but that can be managed by deep conditioning treatments intertwining protein & moisture based treatments on different weeks you shampoo. Since she doesn’t want to cut her hair or get a trim. She was natural before but wanted to use relaxers since it was easier to maintain. She loves the straight look but relaxers physically give her rashes/outbreaks. So she no longer uses relaxers and went back to being natural. As I looked at her hair she she is in the middle of her long term transition. Although when you wet her hair it does revert back to her naturally curly state of 4A.

Definition –A bit about the 4A hair type:: Type 4a is tightly coiled hair that has an “S” pattern. The circumference of the spirals is close to that of a crochet needle. The hair can be wiry or fine-textured. Hair has fewer cuticle layers than other hair types, which means it has less natural protection from damage.

Her hair was freshly shampooed/conditioner before she got to me so all I needed to do was style. Began by parting her hair in 3 sections- 2 sides and 1 middle section. Clipped the middle section & one side for later use. I started on the right, removed the hair clip, divided this section into 2 sub sections, and clipped the bottom half away. I began cornrowing in a designed pattern that allowed the ends of the cornrows to lean to the middle section. I continued to do the same for the bottom section only cornrowing the hair vertically slanted up towards the middle section. I clipped that section once done and repeated the same pattern from the right to the left.

Beginning of my Cornrow mohawk foundation.

Beginning of my Cornrow mohawk foundation.

With both left & right sided clipped, I unclipped the middle section, lightly combed the hair out, and unclipped both of the sides. Now for the center it looks odd, difficult but it wasn’t at all. I had my client hold both of her hands plans facing inward on the side of her ears. Fingers spread out. I added some coconut edge tame gel by Eden (found at Sally’s Beauty Supply) to the very front part of her middle section just to sleek it down. I used my fingers to do horizontal partings across the top of the hair, split it into 2, and criss-crossed it same way you would tie a shoe lace. I put the two ends between the index/middle finger of the clients for her to clamp down. The I repeated this process for the 2nd tie and put the 2 ends now between the middle/ring finger. Now here’s the tricky part for the 3rd tie:

You do the same criss cross pattern except before you start grab the front pieces of hair from the index fingers added to each side and then criss-cross to make a tie as you did before. Please click the link below to view the video:

Slip Tie Braid – Knotted Mohawk Braid Video

Still picture from the above video of Slip Tie Braid - Knotted Mohawk Braid

Still picture from the above video of Slip Tie Braid – Knotted Mohawk Braid

Repeat all thought and to finish just twist the ends and wrap it into a bun. Use either closed bobby pins or straight pins to hold into place. YOUR DONE!!

This is the finished product by mixing both the cornrow pics & slip tie. We came up with this beautiful design

This is the finished product by mixing both the cornrow pics & slip tie. We came up with this beautiful design

Lovely hairstyle not just for a 13 year old but for anyone. Thanks for enjoying the tutorial CHOW!

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