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Hello Everyone!!

Monday I got my hair blown out straight  at Luisa’s Dominican Hair Salon in Columbia, MD 🙂 I only do this 2 times around fall and then I’ll get my weave put in for winter. I love getting my hair done like this because it’s manageable, boyfriend is happy, I do my length checks, and it’s stylish for the season.


Before I actually go I always prepare my hair for all of the intense heat styling by using either:

Henna (Mehandi) or Aphogee protein treatment.

I prep my henna by:

  1.  Adding henna powder in a bowl
  2. Olive oil & coconut oil (no measurements)
  3. Any other leftover moisturizing conditioner, hair oil, and add it to the henna (no measuring)
  4. Grab my hand mixer, slowly add water as needed to loosen the mixture, and blend until smooth

Next: Cover the bowl w/aluminum foil and place in the sun light or somewhere it’s warm. Reason for this is the warmth will help breakdown the henna so it’ll dye release quicker.

Let sit over night or 24hrs

REMEMBER GLOVES GLOVES this will stain your hands


The Next Day:

  1. Then I section my hair off
  2. have the henna mixture applied to my hair/scalp
  3. Wrap Saran Wrap around my head to keep henna from drying out
  4. Let my hair absorb the henna for at least 3-4hrs

**I’ve left henna on my hair overnight but I don’t see any difference then when I leave it on for 3-4hrs**

Rinse off throughly, shampoo, and air dry (towel dry if you like).

Reason I don’t use conditiner after the shampoo or blow dry is because I’ll be going to the Dominican salon where they’ll shampoo my hair all over again. So why waste product & more time. I have dandruff so I bring my own shampoo/conditioner with me for them to use on me. I


At The Salon: they use my shampoo & conditioner. I have them put a deep conditioner on my hair as I sit under the hooded dryer.

Now for the blow out process briefly:

  1. Rinse out deep conditioner
  2. Comb hair and roller set (I want my hair straight) they will ask you
  3. Under the dryer until hair is dry
  4. Remove rollers and oil scalp
  5. Section hair, take round brush, and straighten as you use the very very hot blow dryer
  6. Tell them how you want your hair parted or styled

**OPTIONAL STEP: if needed they will flat iron your hair to make it super sleek/straight**

I have them do the “optional step”. To maintain this style: nightly I’ll wrap my hair using my silk scarf and lightly oil my scalp as needed.



Inside Luisa’s Dominican Hair Salon- Video




12 thoughts on “Dominican Blow Out

  1. what kind of henna do you use in your hair and can i purchase this in the beauty supply store? I recently did the big chop and i’m starting over as natural. Right now I have a weave but I would like to do my regular hair then put my weave in mid january.

  2. Thank you for responding.. for some reason I thought i would get an email telling me you responded…anyway I took my weave out and I already had my protein treatment and now I’m just trying to figure out where to have it styled that won’t cost me a fortune!

  3. I would like to get it done today or tomorrow if I could but noone is open! Times like these I miss my New York

  4. thanks again….I called but she’s booked all weekend..I’ll keep her info though because I can get my hair done another time with her. The Dominican salon you went to would you recommend them for styling short hair

    • Yes the one out Columbia Luisa’s is awesome 🙂 and ok yes please do keep Lisa’s info she’s great at all things hair 🙂 have a great weekend

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