Ryleigh’s Oyster Fest. 8 – Federall Hill , MD


Ryleigh’s Oyster Restaraunt Bar & Grill – Raw Bar
36 E. Cross st.

Baltimore, MD 21230


Restaurant has 2 floors w/3 full service bars. Your one stop shop; place to go to if you want to taste a little bit of everything. You don’t have to love seafood to come here, they have large selections of salads & soup, sandwiches, appetizers, and entrees. What I believe Ryleigh’s is better known for are their freshly made Crushes.

Crushes- orange, grapefruit, orange creamsicle, and other flavors are infused with fresh fruit squeezed right in front of you, vodka, soda, ice, and other trade secrets *wink*


I love there orange creamsicle crush because it’s sweet and taste just like the ice cream. Be careful with these because we all know too much of a good thing will make you have an extremely GOOD time 🙂 🙂 🙂
I’ve eaten almost everything off the menu since I’ve been coming and haven’t found anything bad yet. That’s big for me because I’m a tough critic especially when it comes to food 🙂


Oyster Fest. 8 (oct. 11-12)- is a 2 day weekend annual entertainment festival dedicating the preservation & appreciation of the Oyster. Featuring live bands, $1 oysters (fresh shucked), different restaurant vendors, drawings, and more.
Portion of all proceeds – Benefit The Living Classrooms Foundation & The Oyster Recovery Partnership


Saturday: The event is free. I didn’t stay the entire time because I just wanted to see the oyster shucking championship. The winner was George “Hannibal” Hastings & his crew who shucked over 30,000 oysters. WOOOOOW an every last one was delicious 🙂 🙂 I was honored to be able to get a photo op


Sunday: is our full day. The event is free; if you want to buy alcoholic drinks outside or visit one of the vendors you’ll need: Wrist bands ($1 ea.) and tickets $1 ea. We first browsed the oyster station: all selling oysters for $1 ea., and went into the main restaurant to have brunch. Oyster menu’s change daily due to what’s in, brunch menu & specialty featured dishes change as well, but the main menu is usually the same. Today my boyfriend ordered steak & eggs on a baguette. He loves his steak 🙂 me I try something new each time and went with the Huevos Rancheros. I was hungry, forgot to take a picture, sorry 🙁 but it was all delicious and we ordered our crushes/oysters. Ravens was playing an amazing game and lots of high fives.

2nd Floor Bar- Ravens Game -Video Link

Outside Venue Set Up – Video Link

After we ate: we onto the street, I was elated to be able to speak w/the marketing & events manager Scotti Offut. She is such a lovely, busy, on the go women, we took a picture together, and she made sure if we needed anything don’t hesitate to ask. Before Scotti had to get back to her work, she went over some of the happenings for this evening, which included 2 live bands called: The Bumpin Uglies & Hot Tub Limo, and new vendors. The names are hilarious but these bands are great and I danced to almost every song.


-Good thing ATM’s are near buy we had to get more cash —


Back to the event 🙂 We sampled from different vendors- Raw oysters, Blue Agave which is a Mexican restaurant, and tasted grilled oysters. I believe I did see sandwiches but we forgot to check that out. Assorted beers & stouts were being served for wrist band wearers and we went to our crush stand. For October today was a very mild, sunny, warm 65 degrees and we all enjoyed every moment. I love station #3 he had Umai & Gigamoto’s which are a buttery-salty tasting oyster. ADDICTIVE! I took a picture of him shucking them. Some people brought their kids for face painting, dogs loved being rubbed by various people who walked by, and did I mention the police officers were their sharing in the laughs. Security & Police kept the area secured if something were to happen but it wasn’t needed overall. I’m so happy my cell phone battery didn’t die because we engaged in meeting so many new people, seeing funny things happen, conversations, taking pictures/video was a necessity, and by the end of the night you felt like a rock star. We also talked to people who came here from out of town, enjoyed themselves, and was amazed at some of baltimore’s festivities. Despite the negative things you hear on the news (which every city has issues) Baltimore is:

  • Beautiful
  • Historical
  • Great variety of eateries-stores-family oriented adventures
  • Pet friendly areas
  • Great night life

9:00pm: was the end of the festival , the band Hot Tub Limo played 2 more songs that got the blood pumping, and everyone calmly began to clear the area. We got home around 9:30pm since we don’t live far from downtown. We got ourselves some water, sat on the couch, and reviewed all of our photos. This was our first time coming to this festival and it won’t be our last by far!!

Bumpin Uglies Band Getting us in the Mood – Video Link

Hot Tub Limo in Late Night Action – Video Link

As I’m writing this — It’s Monday my voice is raspy from having to much fun and my feet hurt from dancing la Vida Loca —

Thank you for reliving this adventure with me and visit Ryleigh’s Oyster Bar & Grill if your ever in the area. You can’t go wrong 🙂


Ryleigh’s Oyster Bar & Grill
Festival Newsletter
The Living Classroom Foundation
Oyster Recovery Partnership






17 thoughts on “Ryleigh’s Oyster Fest. 8 – Federall Hill , MD

  1. This looks like my kind of festival!! I love this- we have friends in Baltimore and it looks like it may be time to schedule a visit!

  2. This looks like a great time! Can you believe I’ve never tried an oyster? But, I do love shrimp, lobster and clams!

    • I had to have a craving to try it: certain times of the month all I want are salty foods & seafood so I just gave it a go. Salt-lemon-hot sauce and I loved them ever since.

    • Aww great 🙂 and that area you’ll have to pay the meter lol when my boyfriend & I travel it’s a chore to find out if we have to pay a meter or not lol

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