Dracula Untold – Oct 2014

“For if the heart is strong enough; the soul will be reborn”

“Your silver offends me; cloak it from my sight”

Synopsis–Prince Vlad (the impaler) an his family rule over their small kingdom, but when Mehmed (Turk warlord) demands a thousand boys and Ingeras (his son) to create an army; Vlad seeks out darkness that’ll give him power like no other. This power comes w/a price where he becomes Dracula, if he gives into the “Thirst” to drink blood then he will eternally stay Dracula. But if somehow he fights the thirst on that 3rd day he will return back to being a human and relinquish the dark arts.




I actually like this movie, the story to me was great, and I loved the graphics. Vlad & co. go off by a stream to find a Turks Helmet down stream, they notice it comes from the mountain, and so they go off towards the mountain to check it out. Discovering inside the mountain not only had many bats fly out but all over were remnants of human bones. Something comes out of the darkness kills 2 of Vlads men, Vlad takes his sword crawling to the light, and noticed the monster is fearful of the sun light. Back to the castle where the festivities are partaking, Mehmad comes bursting into the dinning hall, to not only claim his silver, but request the Sultan wants a thousand boys, and his son.


Vlad tries to talk to Mehmad in his own kingdom but that only pisses him off. It becomes time for the exchange, Vlad tells his son run back to your mom, and Vlad kills every last soilder standing. Word gets out about the return of the Impaler and Mehmad retaliates by bringing war to Vlads kingdom. In Vlad’s mind he only has 1 choice in order to protect his kingdom, which is to go back to the mountain seek counsel from the monster known as Master Vampire, and take it from there. Vlad is found on the stream after doing what Master Vampire says and noticed everything changed. Vlad finally tells his wife Mirena what’s going on after she noticed his scars are all gone. She defends his honor once she’s made aware of his reasoning for selling his soul to the devil.


The people turn on Vlad once they see what he is but war is still amongst them and they need help. When Mirena dies, he turns his duty to protecting his son, and killing Mehmed. Vlad needs an army, he turns his comrades into vampires, and goes on the attack to kill Mehmed & retrieve his son. The deed is done, the vamps turn on Vlad, and Vlad releases his son to one of the monks for his son’s protection. Vlad kills himself & the vamps by sunlight. His son Ingeras becomes King. Vlad is resurrected by blood and comes into the present era.


Walking amongst us today Vlad meets his wife reincarnated and believes all is well. Unbeknownst to him the Master Vampire has been reincarnated as well and says “Let The Games Begin”


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