Lil John’s Smokehouse “Bringing the BBQ to you” Baltimore, MD

On my lunch break, I see this white van, and a long line of people standing in the middle of the road. Our business park isn’t that big but the van was parked in what we call our central location by the mail boxes. So I walked over read the menu, found out its cash only, and they are in my area on Thursdays. I spoke with the gentleman he told me his name is John, his wife takes the orders, and they’ve been doing the mobile food truck business for a long time now.

Prices are conveniently set for lunch hours, they stay until they sell out, which doesn’t take long at all, and they do take phone orders ahead of time. They have a Facebook page where they announce location, times, and menu changes.

Menu for Lil' John's Smoke House

Menu for Lil’ John’s Smoke House

I love the fact that I can walk right to the location, I’m eating REAL food and I can return back to work without feeling sleepy from eating.

I ordered the pulled chicken sandwich $6.00, I’m not a BBQ sauce fan, but for this since it’s white meat I did have to add the sauce. I added the sauce, tasted the chicken first, and from the first bite you taste the smoke. Then BBQ sauce has a good blend of spices and the flavor is addictive. I then took another bite but this time with the thick kaiser roll; which helps fill you up. On the side of the foil they give you the remaining drum/wing pieces. You can save for later which is what I ended up doing.

Pulled chicken sandwich, BBQ sauce on the side, and pasta salad.

Pulled chicken sandwich, BBQ sauce on the side, and pasta salad. My desk area

The pasta salad for $2.00 I was disappointed due to the size. I wish it was bigger but it’s your basic pasta salad: multi color pasta, veggies, seasoning, and Italian dressing. Only reason why I wouldn’t buy the pasta salad again is just the size in my mind don’t equate to the price.

— My Opinion —

There is no tax, I would definitely buy from them again, the 1/2 rack of ribs always sells out first and it’s fall off the bone from what another co-worker was saying. I got to take a picture of my co-workers 1/2 chicken with BBQ sauce all over it.

1/2 Chicken w/BBQ sauce

1/2 Chicken w/BBQ sauce

There a friendly & warm couple, who just loves to cook, get paid for their passion, and make new friends in the process. So if your in the area or have some food trucks you’ve seen; don’t let the appearance fool you. They can produce quality meals for people on the go, trying something new, or on a budget.

Until next time Chow!

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