VI Peel 7 Day FULL Vlog

A BIG SECRET: Since this peel is pricey…please sign up for GROUPON, and you’ll get a dramatic discount once groupon posts it as a special…This is how i paid for it by keeping up w/Groupon and I caught a deal for $149!! Okay below are some VI Peel FAQ’s and besides that..enjoy the show. And […]

Sound Healing w/Ted Winslow

Hey Y’all, Here is another cool review I enjoyed doing and it has to do w/healing…the non-conventional way. Enjoy!   Bio: Ted Winslow, is a Sound Healing musician but…in a non-traditional way. Ted incorporates his SoundSyncTechTM a customized brainwave technology along with the tunings of the Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies incorporating binaural beats, numerology, sacred geometry, […]