Earth Grow Boxes – Grow your food

Hey Y’all, Growing our own vegetables is the easiest way to save money but also know what were putting into our bodies. The news keep talking about GMO’s, chemically treating our food crops, and I just want to continue to make sure I’m doing all I can to be healthy. My family and I took […]

Cherry Blossom Festival Video

Saturday April 11th at 10am: were headed to the New Carrolton Metro station and then Washington, DC. It’s Our first time going to the cherry blossom festival and we want in on the most talked about event ever. The metro station oh what can I say : it’s severely crowded, confusing, I learned about how much […]

Solay Wellness Beauty April Haul

Excuse my hair!! I’m in the middle of doing house chores, the door rings, and here’s my package. My hair currently is in mini twists, I love them, I’ll be shampooing them & re-twisting them asap!!       Links  Solay Wellness : Founded by Isabella Samovsky established in 2004, core of our products is our […]

Furious 7 Review – D-Box Reserved Seats..Family Is Everything

Good Evening Hey Y’all, Yes, we just came back from seeing Furious 7 and we had reserved D-Box Seating. D-stands for dimension, the seat moves w/certain scenes like rocking, shaking, swivel, and you have the option of turning up or down the intensity of movement using the control panel on the side. After the initial movements […]

Juice Plus Shakes..What the Deuce!

I’ve been seeing facebook posts about it. Testimonials, googled it, youtubbed it, and asked for SAMPLES in February, of both chocolate & vanilla complete shakes. Just in time too since I ran out of Sun Warrior Vegan Raw Protein Powder. Click the link to see my routine their. Been using the juice plus samples for […]