Waist Training & Cornrow Tree Braids

This is my first time aquiring a workout band waist trainer from anywhere, when I put it on and measured my waist I did see an instant 1 1/2 inch reduction. Next, measuring myself wearing the Classic cincher which I have worn these types before, I had the same reduction of 1 1/2 inches. I haven’t […]

Free Associated Links of Like Mind -Vendors

New Page for link shares: Come Explore and feel free to email me if you’d like me to post your site as well! Let’s share the wealth & exchange   Yumedy – Founder Jay Chandler has a houshold items marketplace website where artisans and people around the world connect to buy and sell food, household items, […]

Bored, I got Alcohol..let’s Shepard’s Pie this B-**H

Like the title says I’m bored on this gloomy friday, a couple days before St. Patrick’s day, but I got plenty of alcohol to utilize 🙂 I’m hungry and my thinking couch is helping me once again! Who dosen’t like Shepard’s pie?! It’s like a pot pie but better and it’s a comfort food for […]

Brunch Steak – Snow Day Dinner

Yes, I am a brunch person, not a big breakfast fan, as I’ll eat anything for breakfast like last nights dinner 🙂 . Due to our last snow storm Thor, I decided to make a snow day feel warm, fun, and bright indoors. Quick easy recipe that you can tweak for your own tastes. Hope […]