Eggcellence A Breakfast Brunchery Restaurant

Ok, so by now yall know I’m a die hard foodie, I speak my mind, and always encourage you check it out for yourself. I’ll make this review quick and painless!! Eggcellence Gateway Village, 2625 Housley Road, Annapolis, MD 21401 (410) 573-9503   It snowed today, I’m not a big breakfast person but I love […]

Cosi Tomato Basil Soup mmm Yum

This winter is so cold, I can’t stand being cold, and so our idea was to go to Cosi. Instead of waiting in line for Chipotle which was next door. Cosi Columbia 6181 Old Dobbin Lane Suite 200 Columbia, MD 21045 Phone: 410-953-6311    Cosi Background: They believe that food is fuel, was founded on […]

VIDEO – Farmhouse Rules Corn Chowder

Hello Evveryone 🙂 As you know I love food, I frequently watch the food network, and was watching the show called: Farmhouse Rules starring Nancy Fuller.  Episode: B-I-N-G-O she is making a corn chowder that’s easy, comforting for the winter season, and the ingredients are easy to find. So I decided to do it myself with […]

Video Review- Lu La Roe Pop-Up Boutique

Hey Everyone, Today Ashley and I will be going to my friend’s pop up boutique party from Lu La Roe. This is our first time ever hearing or wearing any clothes from this company. It’s A boutique that caters to women of all sizes and little girls. Sorry I didn’t take pictures of the clothes […]

Stuffed Rockfish w/veggies & crabmeat

Let’s make dinner and I’m incorporating some new vegetables: Brussels Sprouts. I’ve never tried them, I’m mixing them w/other vegetables that I do like, and stuffing them into my fish 🙂 Feel free to make substitutions if you don’t like crabmeat or any of the vegetables I used. Ingredients Fish of choice – (have the […]

SNACK BETTER: Kale Chips Review

I’m on this complete change of diet…well not really changing my diet, I’m adding in things I’ve never tried before, and altering my normal eating habits. I have a big issue w/snacking more than I actually eat dinner. I have to do something to help me not only stop gaining unnecessary weight but also keep […]

Video Q-Redew Demo, Review on my hair for Workouts

My overall thoughts on this product  PROS: Helps to release fairy knots & knots in general Quick easy way to revive curls for quick styles Steam is very helpful in allowing the hair to absorb products better Steam lifts the hair cuticles when using pre/deep conditioner treatments CONS: For the Weave: I didn’t notice the […]