Video -A Luxury Hair Affair: Sheer Luxe Beauty feat.Mo Moknowshair- DC Convention Nov 2014

Today is here: A Luxry Hair Affair – DC Sheer Luxe Beauty Convention CEB Waterview 1919 N. Lynn st. Arlington, VA 22209   Let’s get down to 295 south Washington DC – Arlington VA. Well besides my good ole’ GPS making me loop around, not finding the parking garage easily, and knowing I wasn’t the […]

Fake Ass Clouds, Secrets, Land of Free–PLEASE

Look up at the’s a’s a Plane… HELL NO it’s chemtrails! Wow really?! The tv showing fundraisers, government calls for new plans to “Save Earth” (but your building over all necessary forest area?!) new taxes that no one understands the reasoning ie. RAIN TAX..why pay for rain when it’s been falling from the […]

Video -Honey I Broke the Playstation 3 — new PS4

It all started when I got off of work. I made plans that we all go to the mall do my returns and find some place to enjoy dinner. TOGETHER on his day off..and he agreed. I get home and said “why aren’t you dressed; come on”! He says “a couple more games”. In such […]

November LUSH HAUL Video

 FOR MEN Update in his limited words 🙂  Sea Vegetable Soap:::: 1) It feels different than traditional soap 2) Goes on/rinses off easy 3)Thick; concentrated 4)Moisturizing 5) Easy to comb through beard   Lush Website   For me: Opening the door has a pleasant spa ocean smell (not the smell when you go to a real ocean)