Homemade Salad Dressing

Here I’ll be showing you in two videos of how I make my salad dressing using olive oils, salad supreme seasoning, and cheese. You are more than welcome to throw in an extra goodies to your salad as you see fit :)))     Step 2:       Step 3:         […]

As Above, So Below – Horror

Storyline:  This entire movie is about a treasurer hunter, researcher of history, whatever you want to describe her, decides to search for the “Philosopher’s Stone”. Scarlett embarks on a journey that takes her and her team beneath the catacombs of Paris. Where the enternal home to countless souls lay, reaching deep into the mind of everyone’s […]

Shampoo and Conditoner

Shampoo’s- primary function is to gently remove dirt, oils, and debris from hair/scalp. Specialty shampoos are used for specific problem areas for example: Dandruff. Keeping the hair/scalp clean is the very foundation to healthy hair care.   I typically use dandruff treatment shampoos because I have severe dandruff not enough to be considered for Scalp […]