September 2014 ~ “Clarion Call to All”

Did you hear it? Was it a whisper? Was it loud? Did you feel it? Was it a nudge? Did you get hit on the head? We are talking about the Clarion Call that came a few weeks ago. A clarion call is an urgent call to action; an inspiration to act.

PS4 -Live Events Viewer App

Yesterday I received email notification by the playstation network about a new app to view live events. I immediately turned on the PS4, downloaded the app, and clicked on it to see what it was all about. Mayweather vs Maidana 2 fight is coming on tonight so this peeked my interest when I seen the […]

Cheap Ideas to Soften Skin

Epsom salt & Oils naturally soften skin when used in warm or hot water. Add 1-2 capfuls- for oils and follow directions on the back for eposom/bath salts if you purchased from a store. Or do like I do: pour some into my palm and just dump it into the water.   Epsom, Sea & […]

Growing store bought Avocado’s

Above pic Left – Right are the beginning to end stages of growing avocados in water.    Have a new houseplant for free by using the see from the avocado your eating. I use the store bought avocado’s as my house plants. I love how pretty the leaves grow, they don’t require much care, and the […]

Eye of The Beholder

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Share Your Recipes – I want to Know

Hi Loves,   Feel free to send me your recipes, pictures, or videos to post here on my blog. I want to learn new things and what’s better than hear it from you!! Send via email, twitter, pinterst, or comment below.   Love 2 Hear From you Chow!

Yonce’s Watermelon – Remix My Way

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